How to Program the IA4100 Speakerphone

How to Program the IA4100 Speakerphone

General Programming

To program an IA4100, IA3100, and IA500 series phone you need to use an analog phone or an IP phone that pushes DTMF tones and call the extension or phone number of the Emergency phone. When you dial the phone number to the Code Blue speakerphone you’re trying to reach you will hear an acknowledgement tone or RFA tone to let you know that the phone has picked up and is ready to be programmed.Then press the programming password for that particular model phone to enter programming mode and configure the phone.

            For example to program an IA4100:

            Call into the speakerphone or “call box” wait for acknowledgement tone,press 12583# wait for acknowledgement tone, 01 <phone number> # wait for acknowledgement tone, then press * # to hang up.

IA4100 Speakerphone

·         How do I program the IA4100 to work on a ring-down line?

1)      Call the Code Blue speakerphone’s phone number and enter program mode (1<password>#).

2)      Enter 5000 #, this will set the IA4100 to operate in ring-down mode.

3)      Enter * # to save and exit programming.

Where can I find speakerphone programming manuals?

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